FRLD-830-600-FC105-VBG-BTF (FRLD-830-0.6W-FC105-VBG-BTF)
Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes / Wavelength-Stabilized-Laser-Diodes / VBG Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC

Fiber-coupled Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diode


Mode: multimode

In the context of lasers, "multimode" refers to the ability of a laser to support multiple transverse and longitudinal modes of the electromagnetic field.

wavelength: IR

Wavelength Range: Infrared radiation typically spans wavelengths from about 700 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimeter (mm). This range can be further subdivided into near-infrared (NIR), mid-infrared (MIR), and far-infrared (FIR). Near-Infrared (NIR): 700 nm to 1.4 micrometers (µm) Mid-Infrared (MIR): 1.4 µm to 3 µm Far-Infrared (FIR): 3 µm to 1 mm

Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes

Fiber coupled lasers are a type of laser system where the laser light is transmitted through an optical fiber. This design integrates a laser source with an optical fiber, allowing the light to be efficiently delivered to a specific location with minimal loss and high precision. The optical fiber acts as a conduit, guiding the laser beam from its source to the desired point of application.

Laser-Type: Wavelength-Stabilized-Laser-Diodes

Wavelength-stabilized laser diodes are specialized semiconductor lasers designed to maintain a stable output wavelength despite variations in temperature, current, or other external factors. These lasers are crucial in applications where precision and reliability are paramount.

Laser-Type: VBG

Choosing a Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) stabilized laser diode offers significant advantages due to its precise wavelength stabilization and spectral narrowing capabilities. These laser diodes provide high spectral purity and enhanced temperature stability, making them ideal for applications requiring highly monochromatic light, such as high-resolution spectroscopy, advanced telecommunications, and lidar systems. Additionally, the increased coherence length and stability over a wide range of operating conditions make VBG laser diodes a superior choice for demanding scientific and industrial applications.

Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC

Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC), established in 1994, has a rich history of success and innovation in the field of laser technology. FLC's success is driven by its commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs, including hard-to-source and specialized laser diodes. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024, the company reflects on a legacy of technological advancements that have significantly impacted the laser industry. Through consistent innovation and dedication to excellence, FLC has maintained its position at the forefront of laser technology, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field.

This article refers to: FRLD-830-600-FC105-VBG-BTF (FRLD-830-0.6W-FC105-VBG-BTF) (Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes / Wavelength-Stabilized-Laser-Diodes / VBG Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC )

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  • Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes / Wavelength-Stabilized-Laser-Diodes / VBG
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