Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser / Green-Laser-Modules / FCGM / mini-laser Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC Mode: singlemode Wavelength: Visible / low-cost



Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser

DPSS lasers are versatile, efficient, and capable of producing high-quality beams across various wavelengths, making them valuable tools in numerous fields.

Laser-Type: Green-Laser-Modules

Green laser modules excel in applications requiring high visibility and precision, such as scientific research, medical procedures, industrial alignment, and optical communication, due to their bright and coherent beams. Their versatility also extends to consumer electronics and entertainment, where their striking visual effects and clear lines make them invaluable tools.

Laser-Type: FCGM

FCGM finds applications in medical procedures, where green lasers are used in surgeries and other medical procedures due to their high visibility and precision. In scientific research, they are utilized in various types of spectroscopy, microscopy, and other research applications. In industrial settings, they are employed in materials processing, laser marking, and alignment tasks. Fiber-coupled green modules provide a versatile and efficient way to deliver laser light for a wide range of applications.

Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a specialized company based in Germany that focuses on the development, production, and distribution of laser products and systems.

Mode: singlemode

Singlemode lasers are specialized lasers designed to support only one transverse and one longitudinal mode, resulting in a highly coherent and precise beam. These lasers typically operate in the fundamental transverse mode, known as TEM00, which has a Gaussian intensity distribution. This mode is characterized by a single-lobed, symmetric profile, making it ideal for applications requiring high precision and beam quality.

wavelength: Visible

Lasers operating within the visible spectrum emit light that appears as colors ranging from violet (at the shorter wavelength end) to red (at the longer wavelength end). For instance, violet light falls within the 380-450 nm range, blue from 450-495 nm, green from 495-570 nm, yellow from 570-590 nm, orange from 590-620 nm, and red from 620-750 nm.

wavelength: low-cost

These devices are engineered to be affordable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications where cost is a critical consideration.

This article refers to: FCGM-CW02-01L (Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser / Green-Laser-Modules / FCGM / mini-laser Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC Mode: singlemode Wavelength: Visible / low-cost )

  • DPSS-Laser / Green-Laser-Modules / FCGM / mini-laser
  • FLC
  • singlemode
  • Visible / low-cost


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