Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes Manufacturer/Distributor: SemiNex Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR

Fiber-coupled High Power IR Multi-Mode Laser


Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes

Fiber coupled lasers ensure efficient and precise light delivery by integrating the laser source with an optical fiber, minimizing losses and maintaining beam quality over long distances. Their compact, robust design allows for flexible routing, easy system integration, superior beam quality, enhanced safety, and effective thermal management.

Manufacturer/Distributor: SemiNex

SemiNex Corporation, established in 2003, is renowned for its high-power laser diodes and semiconductor optical amplifiers, which are essential for applications in LiDAR, military range finding, medical devices, and fiber optic testing. The company’s innovative use of quantum physics and high-quality materials, like indium phosphide, ensures their products provide superior thermal and electrical efficiency. SemiNex's commitment to reliability and performance makes them a trusted partner in high-performance environments​.

Mode: multimode

Multimode lasers excel in applications where high power and a broad beam are advantageous. They are particularly effective in: Material Processing: The high power and broad beam of multimode lasers make them ideal for cutting, welding, and engraving materials like metals, plastics, and ceramics. Medical Treatments: They are used in procedures such as laser surgery, skin treatments, and phototherapy, where a larger treatment area and higher energy are beneficial. Optical Sensors: Multimode lasers are employed in sensors that require a more diffuse light source, which can be useful in detecting variations over a larger area. Illumination and Display Technologies: The broad beam and higher power are useful in lighting applications and projection systems where wide and uniform illumination is needed. Overall, multimode lasers are preferred in scenarios where the primary requirements are high power output and wide beam coverage rather than precision and narrow beam focus.

wavelength: IR

Infrared (IR) radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than microwave radiation.

This article refers to: 4CM-109 (Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes Manufacturer/Distributor: SemiNex Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR )

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