Laser-Type: Superluminescent-Diodes Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC Wavelength: Visible



Laser-Type: Superluminescent-Diodes

Superluminescent Diodes (SLDs) excel in applications requiring high brightness and broad spectral output with low coherence. These include optical coherence tomography (OCT) for medical imaging, fiber optic gyroscopes for precise navigation, and various sensing technologies where high resolution and low noise are crucial.

Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC

Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is known for its innovation and its ability to provide customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, including hard-to-source and specialized laser diodes. In 2024, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary, reflecting on a successful history of technological advancements that have significantly contributed to the development of the laser industry.

wavelength: Visible

Visible lasers have a broad array of applications. In communications, they are used in optical fiber systems for short distances. Medical applications include surgeries, eye treatments like LASIK, and various diagnostic tools. The entertainment industry employs visible lasers in light shows to create striking visual effects. In measurement and detection, laser rangefinders and LIDAR systems use visible lasers for measuring distances and mapping, while bar code scanners often use red laser diodes. Research and development fields utilize visible lasers in spectroscopy, microscopy, and other scientific investigations to study material properties.

This article refers to: FSLD-670-03-TO9-PD (Laser-Type: Superluminescent-Diodes Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC Wavelength: Visible )

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