Laser-Type: Laser-Diode-Modules Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: Visible

Blue Long Coherence Diode Laser Module


Manufacturer: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a renowned enterprise based in Germany, specializing in the development, production, and distribution of advanced laser technologies. Established in 1994, FLC has become a prominent player in the laser industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The company's product portfolio focuses on three main areas: Laser Diodes, Laser Modules, and Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers. These cutting-edge products cater to a diverse range of applications, from industrial manufacturing and medical treatments to scientific research and defense. FLC's expertise and dedication to meeting the specific needs of its clients make it a trusted name in the world of laser technology.

wavelength: Visible

Visible lasers are highly valued for their high precision, brightness, and versatility. Their coherent and monochromatic nature makes them ideal for various precision applications. Green lasers, for example, are highly visible even at low power, beneficial for pointers and alignment tools. The range of wavelengths available allows for diverse applications across different fields, highlighting the importance of visible lasers in technology, medicine, and science.

This article refers to: FPYL-442-XXT-LC (Laser-Type: Laser-Diode-Modules Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: Visible )

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