Laser-Type: Laser-Diode-Arrays-Stacks Manufacturer: SemiNex Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR

High Power Multi-Mode Laser Bar

The BAR-111 multimode Laser-Diode-Arrays-Stacks comes in a Bar package from SemiNex. Its output power is 25W (Watt) with an ideal working temperature range is at 10°C - 30°C (degrees Celsius). It works at a wavelength of 1550nm (Nanometer).


Laser-Type: Laser-Diode-Arrays-Stacks

Laser diode array stacks (LDAS) are an advanced configuration of multiple laser diodes organized to produce high-power laser output efficiently. These stacks are used across various fields, including industrial, medical, and military applications, where high-intensity light is essential.

Manufacturer: SemiNex

SemiNex serves customers worldwide and collaborates with various international partners to supply laser solutions across different markets.. SemiNex Corporation is a prominent player in the laser diode industry, providing advanced laser solutions for a variety of high-tech applications around the globe.

Mode: multimode

Multimode in lasers refers to the operation of a laser that supports multiple transverse modes, resulting in a light beam that is less coherent and more divergent compared to single-mode lasers. This means the laser emits light at multiple spatial patterns and sometimes at multiple frequencies, leading to a broader and more diffuse beam. Multimode lasers are useful in applications where high power and wide beam spread are required, such as in material processing, medical treatments, and certain types of optical sensors. The design of multimode lasers typically involves a larger core size or different refractive index profile to support multiple light paths.

wavelength: IR

Infrared radiation can be emitted by objects that are not hot enough to emit visible light, making it useful for thermal imaging and night vision. Various sensors and detectors, such as photodiodes and bolometers, are used to detect infrared radiation.

This article refers to: BAR-111 (Laser-Type: Laser-Diode-Arrays-Stacks Manufacturer: SemiNex Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR )

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