Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes Manufacturer/Distributor: SemiNex Mode: singlemode Wavelength: IR

Single-Mode Laser Chip


Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes

Continuous-wave (CW) laser diodes are semiconductor devices that emit a continuous, unbroken laser beam when supplied with a constant electrical current.

Manufacturer/Distributor: SemiNex

Specializing in high-power laser diodes and semiconductor optical amplifiers, SemiNex Corporation supports various advanced applications, including LiDAR, military range finding, medical technology, and fiber optic testing. The company’s products are built with top-tier materials, such as indium phosphide and gallium antimonide, ensuring high reliability and efficiency. SemiNex, founded in 2003, consistently delivers products that enhance performance and meet stringent industry standards.

Mode: singlemode

Singlemode in lasers refers to the operation of a laser that supports only the fundamental transverse mode, resulting in a highly coherent and focused light beam with a narrow spectral linewidth. This means the laser emits light at a single spatial pattern and usually at a single frequency, producing a beam with very low divergence and high spatial coherence.

wavelength: IR

Infrared (IR) radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than microwave radiation.

This article refers to: CHP-156 (Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes Manufacturer/Distributor: SemiNex Mode: singlemode Wavelength: IR )

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