Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes Manufacturer: RPMC Mode: multimode Wavelength: Visible

Fiber-coupled Laser Diode

The FLX-665-800M-FC300 from RPMC is a multimode Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes in a * package. It works at a wavelength of 665nm (Nanometer) with an output power of 0.8W (Watt). Its ideal working temperature range is at 20°C - 20°C (degrees Celsius).


Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes

Fiber coupled lasers ensure efficient and precise light delivery by integrating the laser source with an optical fiber, minimizing losses and maintaining beam quality over long distances. Their compact, robust design allows for flexible routing and easy integration into various systems, making them ideal for applications in medical procedures, industrial manufacturing, and scientific research. Additionally, they offer superior beam quality, enhanced safety, and effective thermal management, making them a reliable and versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Mode: multimode

Multimode in lasers refers to the operation of a laser that supports multiple transverse modes, resulting in a light beam that is less coherent and more divergent compared to single-mode lasers. This means the laser emits light at multiple spatial patterns and sometimes at multiple frequencies, leading to a broader and more diffuse beam. Multimode lasers are useful in applications where high power and wide beam spread are required, such as in material processing, medical treatments, and certain types of optical sensors. The design of multimode lasers typically involves a larger core size or different refractive index profile to support multiple light paths.

wavelength: Visible

Lasers operating within the visible spectrum emit light that appears as colors ranging from violet (at the shorter wavelength end) to red (at the longer wavelength end). For instance, violet light falls within the 380-450 nm range, blue from 450-495 nm, green from 495-570 nm, yellow from 570-590 nm, orange from 590-620 nm, and red from 620-750 nm.

This article refers to: FLX-665-800M-FC300 (Laser-Type: Fiber-Coupled-Laser-Diodes Manufacturer: RPMC Mode: multimode Wavelength: Visible )

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