Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser / Q-switched/Pulsed Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: UV

Ultra Violet Q-switched DPSS Laser


Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser

DPSS lasers offer several advantages, including high efficiency, due to the laser diode pump source's effective conversion of electrical energy to optical energy. They also provide good beam quality, producing a highly collimated and focused beam.

Manufacturer: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a global supplier of laser technologies, offering a range of products including laser diodes and laser modules for various industrial and scientific applications. Founded in 1994, FLC serves industries such as machine vision, manufacturing, medicine, and aerospace.

wavelength: UV

Ultraviolet radiation can be emitted by objects and sources that are energetic enough to produce higher frequency electromagnetic waves, making it useful for applications like sterilization and fluorescence microscopy. Various sensors and detectors, such as photomultiplier tubes and UV photodiodes, are used to detect ultraviolet radiation.

This article refers to: FPYL-355-XXXT-Q (Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser / Q-switched/Pulsed Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: UV )

  • DPSS-Laser / Q-switched/Pulsed
  • FLC
  • UV


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