Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode Manufacturer: SemiNex Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR

SemiNex High Power Multi-Mode Laser Diodes on B-Mount

Working at a wavelength of 1380nm (Nanometer), the B-123 in a B-Mount package from SemiNex is a multimode CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode. Its output power is 5.7W (Watt) and has an ideal working temperature range of 10°C - 30°C (degrees Celsius).


Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes

Continuous-wave (CW) laser diodes are semiconductor devices that emit a continuous, unbroken laser beam when supplied with a constant electrical current.

Manufacturer: SemiNex

SemiNex Corporation is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-power semiconductor laser diodes. Based in Peabody, Massachusetts, SemiNex was founded in 2003 and has since become a recognized leader in the development of infrared laser technology, particularly for applications requiring high performance and reliability.

Mode: multimode

In the context of lasers, "multimode" refers to the ability of a laser to support multiple transverse and longitudinal modes of the electromagnetic field.

wavelength: IR

Infrared (IR) radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than microwave radiation.

This article refers to: B-123 (Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode Manufacturer: SemiNex Mode: multimode Wavelength: IR )

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