Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC Mode: singlemode / SLM Wavelength: Visible

Orange Single Longitudinal Mode DPSS Laser


Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser

DPSS lasers excel in applications that require high efficiency, precision, beam quality, and reliability, making them indispensable tools across a wide range of industries and research fields.

Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a global supplier of laser technologies, offering a range of products including laser diodes and laser modules for various industrial and scientific applications. Founded in 1994, FLC serves industries such as machine vision, manufacturing, medicine, and aerospace.

Mode: singlemode

The primary advantage of singlemode lasers lies in their superior beam quality. The beam emitted is highly focused, with minimal divergence and high spatial coherence. This results in a sharp, well-defined beam that can be tightly focused to a small spot size. Such characteristics are essential in applications like high-resolution microscopy, precision cutting, fiber optic communications, and various scientific research endeavors where accuracy and beam precision are crucial.

Mode: SLM

The efficiency of Single-Longitudinal Mode (SLM) Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) lasers is enhanced by diode-pumping, offering better thermal management compared to traditional lamp-pumping methods. This also allows for a more compact design, beneficial for portable or space-constrained applications. Their high precision and accuracy make them indispensable in high-resolution spectroscopy and metrology. Overall, SLM DPSS lasers are highly valued for their precise, stable, and high-quality laser output.

wavelength: Visible

Visible wavelengths in lasers refer to the range of electromagnetic waves that can be detected by the human eye, typically spanning from about 400 to 700 nanometers (nm).

This article refers to: FPYL-589-XXXT-SLM_100 (FPYL-589-XXXT-SLM) (Laser-Type: DPSS-Laser Manufacturer/Distributor: FLC Mode: singlemode / SLM Wavelength: Visible )

  • DPSS-Laser
  • FLC
  • singlemode / SLM
  • Visible


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