Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode Manufacturer: FLC Mode: singlemode Wavelength: Visible

Laser Diode

The FVLD-415-120S singlemode CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode comes in a TO-56 package from FLC. Its output power is 0.12W (Watt) with an ideal working temperature range is at -10°C - 30°C (degrees Celsius). It works at a wavelength of 415nm (Nanometer).


Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes

Continuous-wave (CW) laser diodes excel in telecommunications, medical applications, industrial processing, and scientific research due to their ability to produce a continuous, stable laser beam, ensuring precise, reliable, and consistent performance. Their versatility and efficiency make them invaluable in various fields, including consumer electronics, printing, imaging, and metrology.

Manufacturer: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a specialized company based in Germany that focuses on the development, production, and distribution of laser products and systems.

Mode: singlemode

The primary advantage of singlemode lasers lies in their superior beam quality. The beam emitted is highly focused, with minimal divergence and high spatial coherence. This results in a sharp, well-defined beam that can be tightly focused to a small spot size. Such characteristics are essential in applications like high-resolution microscopy, precision cutting, fiber optic communications, and various scientific research endeavors where accuracy and beam precision are crucial.

wavelength: Visible

Visible lasers are highly valued for their high precision, brightness, and versatility. Their coherent and monochromatic nature makes them ideal for various precision applications. Green lasers, for example, are highly visible even at low power, beneficial for pointers and alignment tools. The range of wavelengths available allows for diverse applications across different fields, highlighting the importance of visible lasers in technology, medicine, and science.

This article refers to: FVLD-415-120S (Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode Manufacturer: FLC Mode: singlemode Wavelength: Visible )

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