Mode: singlemode Laser-Type: Superluminescent-Diodes Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: IR


The FSLD-810-15-FC from FLC is a singlemode Superluminescent-Diodes in a * package. It works at a wavelength of 810nm (Nanometer) with an output power of 15mW (Milliwatt). Its ideal working temperature range is at -55°C - 70°C (degrees Celsius).


Mode: singlemode

Singlemode in lasers refers to the operation of a laser that supports only the fundamental transverse mode, resulting in a highly coherent and focused light beam with a narrow spectral linewidth. This means the laser emits light at a single spatial pattern and usually at a single frequency, producing a beam with very low divergence and high spatial coherence.

Laser-Type: Superluminescent-Diodes

Superluminescent Diodes (SLDs) excel in applications requiring high brightness and broad spectral output with low coherence. These include optical coherence tomography (OCT) for medical imaging, fiber optic gyroscopes for precise navigation, and various sensing technologies where high resolution and low noise are crucial.

Manufacturer: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a renowned enterprise based in Germany, specializing in the development, production, and distribution of advanced laser technologies. Established in 1994, FLC has become a prominent player in the laser industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The company's product portfolio focuses on three main areas: Laser Diodes, Laser Modules, and Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers. These cutting-edge products cater to a diverse range of applications, from industrial manufacturing and medical treatments to scientific research and defense. FLC's expertise and dedication to meeting the specific needs of its clients make it a trusted name in the world of laser technology.

wavelength: IR

Infrared radiation encompasses wavelengths from about 700 nm to 1 mm, with applications ranging from communication and medical imaging to thermal sensing and environmental monitoring. Its properties make it a vital part of various scientific and technological fields.

This article refers to: FSLD-810-15-FC (Mode: singlemode Laser-Type: Superluminescent-Diodes Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: IR )

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