MID-IR PD 24-03-PA
Laser-Type: Infrared PDs Manufacturer/Distributor: MicroTech

Photodiode with Preamplifier


Laser-Type: Infrared PDs

Infrared photodiodes are advanced semiconductor devices that convert infrared light into electrical current, making them essential for detecting infrared radiation. The detection mechanism of infrared photodiodes involves the creation of electron-hole pairs when infrared photons strike the photodiode, resulting in a current proportional to the intensity of the incident IR light. These photodiodes are known for their fast response times, which make them suitable for high-speed applications. Some infrared photodiodes, particularly those made from materials with smaller bandgaps, may require cooling to reduce thermal noise and enhance sensitivity.

Manufacturer/Distributor: MicroTech

MicroTech is a leading company specializing in near- and mid-infrared LEDs and photodiodes. Their extensive product range includes LEDs with peak emission wavelengths from 1000 nm to 4300 nm and photodiodes with cut-off wavelengths from 2400 nm to 5000 nm. These components are essential for applications in NDIR gas sensing, liquid and solid sample analysis, and bio-sample composition. MicroTech also offers evaluation kits and LED drivers, ensuring comprehensive solutions for component testing and implementation.

This article refers to: MID-IR PD 24-03-PA (Laser-Type: Infrared PDs Manufacturer/Distributor: MicroTech )

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