Mode: singlemode Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: Visible Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode

Laser Diode

The FWSL-405-200-TO3.8-SM singlemode CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode comes in a 3.8mm package from FLC. Its output power is 0.2W (Watt) with an ideal working temperature range is at -10°C - 70°C (degrees Celsius). It works at a wavelength of 405nm (Nanometer).


Mode: singlemode

The primary advantage of singlemode lasers lies in their superior beam quality. The beam emitted is highly focused, with minimal divergence and high spatial coherence. This results in a sharp, well-defined beam that can be tightly focused to a small spot size. Such characteristics are essential in applications like high-resolution microscopy, precision cutting, fiber optic communications, and various scientific research endeavors where accuracy and beam precision are crucial.

Manufacturer: FLC

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a global supplier of laser technologies, offering a range of products including laser diodes and laser modules for various industrial and scientific applications. Founded in 1994, FLC serves industries such as machine vision, manufacturing, medicine, and aerospace.

wavelength: Visible

Lasers operating within the visible spectrum emit light that appears as colors ranging from violet (at the shorter wavelength end) to red (at the longer wavelength end). For instance, violet light falls within the 380-450 nm range, blue from 450-495 nm, green from 495-570 nm, yellow from 570-590 nm, orange from 590-620 nm, and red from 620-750 nm.

Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes

Continuous-wave (CW) laser diodes are integral to many modern technologies, offering reliability, efficiency, and versatility across various fields.

This article refers to: FWSL-405-200-TO3.8-SM (Mode: singlemode Manufacturer: FLC Wavelength: Visible Laser-Type: CW-Laser-Diodes / Laser-Diode )

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