Company News: PD-LD is acquired by Necsel IP


PD-LD is acquired by Necsel IP

Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to inform all customers that as of 1st April 2016, PD-LD has become part of Necsel IP Inc., a California company and division of Ushio Corporation (http://www.necsel.com). Necsel is a leading supplier of laser solutions for medical and industrial applications, specialty lighting and life sciences markets. PD-LD pioneered VBG laser diode stabilization technique on the laser market. The company offers a line of components, modules and bench-top systems that can replace stabilized gas lasers and support Raman spectroscopy applications.

As European representative of Necsel, Frankfurt Laser Company is proud to represent PD-LD as well and offers PD-LD products direct to all European customers. For more information or quotations please contact us under sales@frlaserco.com.