Frankfurt Laser Company

The Innovative Partner for Consultation on and Distribution of Laser Products

Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC), founded in 1994 by Dr. Vsevolod Mazo has been one of the top addresses for semiconductor lasers for more than 30 years. There is hardly a laser product that cannot be found here. The company offers laser sources from UV, over the visible range, to IR and far-IR, laser diodes, superluminescent diodes, laser modules, laser systems, DPSS lasers or MID-IR LEDs, including single mode and multimode, free space beam and fiber-coupled.

Laser diodes available from FLC include all physical types such as FP (Fabry-Perot), DFB, DBR, VCSELs, ICL (Interband Cascade Lasers) and QCL (Quantum Cascade Lasers). Wavelengths available ranges from 213 nm to 20 μm. In the IR range, powers of up to 3000 watts are offered. Furthermore, FLC provides laser diode drivers and diffractive optics (DOEs). It specializes in custom made laser diode modules with customized wavelength, power and beam shaping, whether point, line or special shapes generated by diffractive and refractive optics. And the product range is constantly growing. From image processing, to multiple applications in industry and research, to medicine and the military sector - the laser components of the FLC can be found everywhere.

With our know-how, we advise our customers to find the optimal product worldwide or to develop and produce it tailor-made. We manufacture high-quality laser modules cost-effectively and our self-production is of first-class quality. Not only do we distribute laser sources, we also develop customized products teaming with appropriate manufacturers for cutting-edge technology of tomorrow. Our company is always up-to-date with laser technology and thus able to provide our customers with the best solutions and offers for the respective technical requirements.

We also support important future projects in the field of international research. Such as the "GLAURIOUS project" launched by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to develop cost-effective systems for glaucoma treatment. Especially in Asia and Africa, glaucoma is a widespread eye disease and could be diagnosed and treated effectively and economically with this system.

Frankfurt Laser Company is a globally active, innovative company. Its philosophy is to give the best advice to the customer in finding the optimal product for his or her purposes, measured both technically and economically, as fast as possible.

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