Product News: Single Transverse Mode and Single Longitudinal Mode VCSELs


850nm Single transverse mode and single longitudinal mode VCSELs.png Single transverse mode and single longitudinal mode lasers have been maturely used in spectral analysis and interferometry.

In last few years, precision measurement has gradually entered industrial and consumable products, and will become an important detection method in AR/VR and other varied applications.

VCSEL has better wavelength stability, the wavelength temperature coefficient is 0.07nm/deg or less while that of EEL (Edge Emitter Laser) is 0.25-0.3nm/deg. Besides, VCSEL has the characteristics of smaller divergence and circular spot, which is beneficial for collimation or focusing and simplifies the coupling link, it also helps to reduce costs, improve reliability and can better meet industrial requirements of lasers.

The 850nm VCSEL Diode is TO CAN with TEC and 17-degree tilted window to keep wavelength, optical power and mode, more stable. FLC is capable to provide customized solutions and offers samples for testing.



- Proximity Sensors

- Precise measurement i.e eye tracking

- Interferometry

- FTIR measurement

- Atomic clock

- Active Optical Cables

- Medical

- Range Finder Sensors

- Modulation >2GHz


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