Product News: Fabry-Perot Laser Diode FEPL-808-400S-BTF


Discrete-Mode-Narrow-Bandwidth-Laser-Diodes-and-High-Stability-Driver.jpg Frankfurt Laser Company is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the FEPL-808-400S-BTF, a cutting-edge single mode laser diode that sets new standards in the industry. This product features an impressive output power of 400mW at 808nm, ensuring high performance for applications requiring precision and power.

Encased in a hermetic butterfly package, the FEPL-808-400S-BTF integrates a monitor diode, thermoelectric cooler and thermistor. The laser diode is fiber-coupled into a PM fiber with FC/APC connector and designed for critical applications such as pumping, communication, and many applications in the medical area.

This new laser diode is proof of our efforts to provide the highest quality laser solutions. Delivered in the well-known and proved butterfly package and high laser power, it offers a significant added value for our clients and a competitive edge for a wide range of applications.


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